INVEST in Kandahar

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What is INVEST-in-Kandahar?

INVEST-in-Kandahar is a 36-month long skills development program designed to facilitate the reintegration of Afghan youth, women and internally displaced people (IDP) into communities by expanding their opportunities through enhanced vocational and life skills.

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Kandahar Province

Kandahar Province is at the center of Afghanistan’s IDP crisis. Nearly 90,000 people are currently displaced in the province due to conflict and drought.

INVEST’s Target Demographic

Area of Focus - Kandahar City, Dand, Daman, Arghandab and Spin Boldack Districts

Many of Kandahar Province’s IDPs are fleeing rural areas throughout Afghanistan and settling in or near city centers. Mercy Corps has developed the Vocation Training Centers (VTCs) in the Districts close to Kandahar City and Spin Boldack so they can best serve the population centers.

About our VTCs

VTCs in Kandahar City and Surrounding Districts

There are currently 5 VTCs in the Kandahar City area. They consist of 2 all male, 2 all female and 1 mixed male/female training centers. Collectively they served approximately 1658 participants during the first year of the INVEST-in-Kandahar program.

VTC in Spin Boldack

There is currently 1 VTC in the Spin Boldack area. It served approximately 181 all male participants in the first year of the INVEST-in-Kandahar program. Participants during the first year were all IDPs.

Business/Partner Location Kandahar City

Mercy Corps has partnered with nearly 400 local business with the goal of employing INVEST participants in the fields they study. These partnerships are an integral part of INVEST’s success. By connecting participants with local, skilled businesses, participants continue to gain skills while developing community.

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Business/Partner Location Spin Boldack

INVEST participants are paired with businesses involved in high demand markets including Education, Sewing/Tailoring, Metal work and Healthcare.

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M&E Practices

Monitoring and Evaluation practices are fundamental to the success of a program. The Afghanistan M&E team has implemented a new digitized workflow that allows them to quickly collect, analyze, securely store and report on programs in real time.

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